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Men's Medical Seminars Program Descriptions

As we get older we face a variety of medical ailments which were just passing short lived complaints in our younger days. However, medicine has continued to progress and allows us to understand many of these problems, often with logically available therapeutic options that range from natural to surgical.

The goal of these seminars is to deal with a variety of issues affecting adult males. Scroll down to read more about each session. 

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Pain Management for the Adult Male:  What We Should Know 

Dr. David Greschler

Dr. David Greschler is a Harvard-trained Interventional Pain Management Specialist. He is Double Board Certified in Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine His practice  is associated with Elite Pain Care  in the Naples area


Nagging Sprains and Strains - What's New?
An Update on the Treatment of Tendinopathy

Dr. Greg Rubin

Dr. Greg Rubin is a sports medicine physician at NCH Healthcare, who was trained in Internal Medicine, with a fellowship in sports medicine. He is currently the team physician for Florida Gulf Coast University, Florida Everblades, and Collier County High Schools.

Update On Colorectal Cancer Screening:  Recommendations and Controversies

Dr. Mark Efrusy

Mark Efrusy DO FACG AGAF FACOI is a professor (emeritus) of Medicine (Gastroenterology) at Midwestern University.

From Eczema to Hair Loss: Common Skin Conditions and when to seek Dermatology Care

Dr. Vivian Wong

Dr. Wong is a board certified dermatologist with dual M.D. and PhD. Degrees. She was a faculty member and core teacher in the Dept of Dermatology at Harvard Medical School. She practices with Wellness Physicians in the Naples area.


Understanding Common Problems and Concerns with Our Urinary Tract

Dr. Jeff Morgenstern

Dr. Morgenstern is a Georgetown trained physician with surgical and urology training  at Temple University Hospital. He is an  Assistant Clinical Professor at the University Of Connecticut School of Medicine.


Common Medications and not Uncommon Side Effects

Dr. Charles Siegel and Dr. Mel Kaplan

Dr. Siegel is a retired clinical professor of pediatrics, allergy and Immunology at the Univ. of Missouri at Kansas City . 

Dr. Kaplan is a retired board certified internist who practiced in Long Island NY.

Stumpers: Surprises in Radiology

Dr. Larry Goodman

Dr. Goodman is Professor Emeritus in Radiology, Pulmonary Medicine and Intensive Care Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee Wisconsin 


Topics Near and Dear To and For Our Hearts

Dr. Douglas Zipes 

Dr. Zipes is a world renown cardiologist, author of many publications and recipient of many academic awards. He will share his thoughts on cardiac health.

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