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Men's Medical Seminar Series

Men's Medical Seminar Series

The Medical Seminar series was formulated to help our membership understand the various presentations, diagnoses and treatments of a variety of medical conditions primarily affecting adult males. Our knowledgeable speakers (usually physicians) have addressed aliments from literally head to toe in a concise and understandable lecture format geared toward a generally non-medical audience. COVID and zoom have been a challenge, but this season we will return to an in-person discussion with ample time allotted for questions. 

Date  Topic
November 17        Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Assorted GI Issues:  Arthur Boshnack, M.D.
December 15 Lower Urinary Tract Concerns As We Age:  Neil Stein, M.D

January 19

What's New From My Heart:  Douglas Zipes, M.D
February 2 Overview to Hypertension and Stroke Prevention: Don Belmont, M.D
 March 2 What Did You Say? Hearing Concerns As We Age:  Christine Peacock M.A. CCC-A ( Audiologist)
 March 30
Lung Emboli and Leg Clots: Larry Goodman, M.D
Immunizations for Adult Males and Lab "Not So Normal" Values:  Mel Kaplan, M.D.
Review of Corticosteroids and Their Common and Uncommon Side Effects - Take 2:  Mel Kaplan, M.D.

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Men's Medical Seminars

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