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Virtual Speaker Series (VSS)

Want to see speakers who don't reside in the Naples area?  Want to participate in an MCA event even though you aren't in Naples (or are in Naples, but don't feel like getting in your car)?  Then the MCA Virtual Speaker Series is for you. 

The VSS meets monthly on Wednesdays at 2:00 PM.

The list below shows the date for each program, along with a description. 

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10/13/21 - 2:00 PM

Medicare 101: Everything You Wanted to Know, But Never Asked

The presenter will take the mystery out of Medicare Parts, A, B, C and D. As a former certified Medicare counselor for SHINE (Serving Health Insurance Needs of Elders) she will provide guidance on what to consider when making a choice between a Medicare Advantage plan, and an Original Medicare Medicate plan with Medigap and a stand-alone drug plan.

This event is designed for those who have questions about Medicare, as well as those who are already receiving Medicare benefits.

About the Speaker - Ann Cowen

WCA member Ann Cowen has spoken on this topic to large groups of seniors as well as done one-on-one counseling on difficult Medicare situations. Her goal is to objectively help people understand the basics of Medicare and help them find the optimal plan for their individual healthcare needs.

11/17/21 - 2:00 PM

A Curated Tour of the Museum of Bad Art

Mike Franks, the curator of the Museum of Bad Art (MOBA) will conduct a live tour to MCA of the MOBA. Mike has traveled widely presenting tongue in cheek reviews of the museum’s collection. It is a serious presentation of art gone wrong and is very entertaining. You can get a glimpse of the contents of the museum by visiting its website at:


Here is the museum’s motto: "Art too bad to be ignored"

The world's only museum dedicated to the collection, preservation, exhibition and celebration of bad art in all its forms.

MOBA describes its collection as ranging from "the work of talented artists that have gone awry, to works of exuberant, although crude, execution by artists barely in control of the brush." Works in this tradition include the pointillist masterpiece "Sunday on the Pot with George" and the surrealist "In the Cat's Mouth".

About the Presenter - Mike Frank:  Curator-in-Chief

An acolyte who studied under the strict tutoledge of the founding Esteemed Curator,  Mr Frank now heads the entire department.  His appointment to this position was due to his record of contributing more art to MOBA than anyone other than the Esteemed Curator, (and that he already had a tuxedo). A professional musician and entertainer with enviable balloon twisting skills, he lives in Boston, MA.

12/15/21 - 2:00 PM

Jews on Broadway

During this session we will learn about some of the better-known Broadway Musicals that have been written, directed, or produced by Jews whose names will be familiar to all of us. We also will see film clips from some of the shows that that are being discussed.

About the Presenter - Dan Douur

Don was lucky to have parents who loved Broadway and grew up listening to Oklahoma, Annie get Your Gun, Finian’s Rainbow. He didn’t really know they were from “shows”, or what shows were, but he loved the music. Growing up in Boston during the golden age, when  almost everything played Boston before New York, and if it didn’t preview in Boston they got the first leg on the National Tour, which was equivalent to Broadway in every way. He started going to the theater as an early teen and saw everything and bought the cast album for everything. His advanced degree in Broadway Musicals comes from the University of Osmosis. Next thing he knew, he was a maven.

1/19/2022 - 2:00 PM

Rise and Decline of the US Steel Industry

The history of the steel industry dates back to the mid to late 1800’s with the birth of Carnegie Steel’s J. Edgar Thompson Steel plant in 1875 and the merger of Carnegie Steel into US Steel in 1901. There was intensity and violence over the early-labor management battles and over the steelworker union’s eventual $5 day contract with US Steel in 1939. The industry began to fail due to government, labor unions and of course management leading to the collapse of US world leadership in steel production.

About the Presenter - Dale Perelman

Dale has written nine non-fiction books and is working on a tenth. Much of his talk will be based on two of his books, “Steel” and “Road to Rust”, He received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Brown University and an MBA from Wharton as well as a Graduate Gemologist’s certification from the GIA. He has served as president of the Diamond Council of America, Jewelers of America, the Pittsburgh chapter of the American Society of Appraisers as well as serving on the board of two public companies. He spent most of his career running a 51-store retail jewelry chain.

2/16/2022 - 2:00 PM

Office of Strategic Services (OSS)

The Office of Strategic Services (OSS) was a wartime intelligence agency of the United States during World War II, and a predecessor to the Department of State's Bureau of Intelligence and Research (INR), and the independent Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). The OSS was formed as an agency of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS)[3] to coordinate espionage activities behind enemy lines for all branches of the United States Armed Forces.

During this Zoom session we will watch 2 short films produced by the OSS and have a Q and A session with its current president. The first film Operation Overload, tells the story of American and Allied special forces whose daring exploits changed the course of World War II, and the second film Call Sign Chaos, is about the Marines who served heroically in the Office of Strategic Services (O.S.S.), the World War II predecessor to C.I.A and the U.S. Special Operations Command, and the career of General James Mattis, the recipient of The OSS Society's 2019 William J. Donovan Award.

About the Presenter - Charles Pinck

Charles Pinck is president of The OSS Society, a nonprofit organization that was founded in 1947 by General William “Wild Bill” Donovan. The OSS Society celebrates the historical accomplishments of the Office of Strategic Services during World War II - the first organized effort by this nation to implement a centralized system of strategic intelligence. It educates the public regarding the continuing importance of strategic intelligence to the preservation of freedom in this country and around the world. It is building the National Museum of Intelligence and Special Operations to honor Americans who have served at the “tip of the spear” as our Nation’s first line of defense.

Charles Pinck has worked for several of the country’s leading investigative companies over the course of his career. He has conducted investigations on behalf of many major corporations and law firms involving complex litigation, due diligence and background investigations, fraud and other forms of white-collar crime, sensitive internal corporate issues and international investigations.

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