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These events for MCA member and their significant others. 

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COED Events

    • November 08, 2022
    • May 09, 2023
    • 7 sessions
    • Iser Center and on Zoom

    MCA Travelogue Series


    Jim Sernovitz 

    Travel the world through the exquisite photography of MCA member Jim Sernovitz.  

     September- October- November-December programs are virtual

    Your itinerary is: 

    1/10/23 - South East Asia Adventure - Burma, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Viet Nam are Ancient Lands of Beauty and Mystery

    Come along as we take the Road to Mandalay through these amazing lands of breathtaking scenery, wild jungles, modern cities and diverse cultures from those still living in the stone age to the computer age. Combined with prize winning, professional photography and live narration, this is a presentation not to be missed.

    2/14/23 - Finland, Norway and the Viking Discovery of the New World.

    500 years before Columbus “discovered” the New World, the Vikings had already been there. Come with us as we explore the Nordic countries of Finland and Norway, following the reindeer herds to Lapland, far north of the Arctic circle. We will visit the modern capitols of Helsinki and Oslo as well as old fishing and farming villages whose way of life has not changed in hundreds of years. From an economy once dependent on cod fishing and the 1000-year-old city of Bergen, the main trading center of the north Atlantic, we will follow the path of the Vikings across the sea to Iceland, Greenland and the new world.

    3/14/23 - Arabian Sands - A Visit to Saudi Arabia

    Journey through the Arabian Desert from Jeddah to Riyadh visiting ancient cities and seeing sites that until very recently were forbidden to outsiders.

    From ultra-modern cities created by oil, to places that haven’t changed in thousands of years, the people and sights of this almost unknown land will educate and amaze you.

    4/14/23 - In the Path of Shackleton—a Voyage to Antarctica

    Come with us as we brave the infamous Drake Passage, the roughest ocean in the world as we journey to Antarctica and actually set foot on the Continent. There is a surprising amount of wildlife in this frozen wilderness to see as we get up close to penguins, seals, and whales. You will feel like you are actually there as we board Zodiacs and cruise among the ice bergs and glaciers. See what it is like when your cruise ship breaks down 700 miles from the nearest port.

    5/9/23 - Indonesia - Land of Volcanoes and Dragons

    Seldom visited by Americans, Indonesia is an awe-inspiring land. The world’s fourth most populous country spread over 17,000 islands and seemingly as many different cultures and peoples--sea dwellings, mountain clans and jungle tribes whose homes are located in rainforests, on rivers, next to beautiful ocean beaches and aside active volcanoes. From the tourist magnet of Bali to the cultural heart of Java and the dragons that live on Komodo, we visit an enigmatic, exotic, breathtaking and unforgettable land.

    So get your passport ready and register today. 

    Please Note:  You only have to register once for all sessions.  You will receive reminders (with the zoom link) one week and 1 day before each session.  

    • February 16, 2023
    • April 20, 2023
    • 3 sessions
    • Various Locations - TBD

    MCA  Movie Group

    Dear Movie Aficionados,

    Please share this with your significant others.

    The February 16 discussion will be all about

     Everything, Everywhere, All at once


    This film has received 11 Academy Award nominations.  Whether or not you liked it, we will have a lively discussion about the film and about critically acclaimed movies.


    First, however, we need to know if you:

    ·  will be joining on on the 16h

    ·  you are able to host a discussion at your house (4 to 6 couples)


    Please click HERE to respond to those questions. 

    If you are new to the group, I will send you more information about the film.

    Have questions?  Email Spencer Forman. 

    • March 30, 2023
    • 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM
    • Salon B - Nina Iser Jewish Cultural Center

    Twice a year (in November and March) Steve makes several predictions regarding the political and economic condition in Israel, and in the Middle East in general. He looks back at events since the last war with an eye toward understanding their implications, and projecting forward. How did those predictions turn out and what will the next 6 months look like?

    Steve Schreier, a resident of Massachusetts since 2008 and now Southwest Florida, and the president of the Schreier Group, which provides consulting to non-profit organizations and philanthropic foundations. Prior to that, Steve served as consultant and Senior Vice President of the American Technion Society from 1986-2007, during which he was responsible for the conceptualization, creation and implementation of a comprehensive development structure and program throughout the United States. He has also served in executive positions in Jewish Federations and as a community and campaign consultant for the Council of Jewish Federations.

    Steve's personal ties to Israel are deep-rooted. He lived on a kibbutz for a year of work-study in 1962, and moved to Israel in 1970 to conduct research on his doctorate.

    • March 31, 2023
    • 8:00 AM
    • April 04, 2023
    • 8:00 PM
    • In the Comfort of Your Own Home

    Streaming Only

    The Rhapsody

    Click HERE to view the trailer.

    Click HERE to meet documentary filmmaker

    David Hoffert

    The Rhapsody is the astonishing story of composer Leo Spellman, Holocaust survivor who sets out on a riveting and emotional journey towards artistic liberation at the age of ninety-eight. The film features a musical masterpiece lost for more than fifty years, a secret wartime diary revealed for the first time, a gripping account of survival told through bold animation and narration by Stephen Fry, and powerful live concert performances by orchestras in Canada and Europe.  

    • April 18, 2023
    • 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
    • Keewaydin Island - Leaving from the Bayfront Marina (453 Bayfront Place, Naples, FL)


    MCA Keewaydin 

    Island Adventure--Rescheduled 

    We travel by boat to Keewaydin Island – a beautiful barrier island between Naples and Marco Island – accessible only by boat. There you will be able to take that long romantic walk on the beach that you’ve dreamed about; lounge in the sun;  play beach games; or even bring your fishing gear. Or, you can simply relax under a beach umbrella with a refreshing beverage and watch the waves. Our route takes us past the inlets of Port Royal, which could be a side trip if desired.

    We get to Keewaydin Island by rental boats and private boats. In prior years, several dozen MCA members and spouses participated, so this is a real beachapalooza! It’s a terrific outing! Boating experience is not required... nor is beach experience.

     For those who do not have access to a private boat, we rent 12 person pontoon boats at the Naples Marina at Bayfront (Goodlette and 41)The cost of the rental boats is $50/person.  Boat rental fees are refundable only up to April 8th, or on April 17th due to inclement weather. If you have no boating experience, we have enough MCA members with boat captain experience, so you can just relax as a passenger and enjoy the trip.

    Please note: We will be monitoring Red Tide and we may need to cancel if levels are high in the area on the day of the trip.

    For more information, contact Bob Blank

MCA of Greater Naples, 4720 Pine Ridge Road, Naples, FL 34119

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