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Fun and Games

These events occur throughout the year. Some meet weekly and others on a periodic basis. 

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This category is primarily is used for indoor activities.

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Fun and Games

    • September 01, 2023
    • May 31, 2024
    • 40 sessions
    • Regency Reserve Club House - Near Vanderbilt and Vineyards Blvd.

    Intermediate Bridge

    This group meets every Friday from 12:45 PM - 4:15 PM

    Now in our 11th year, the bridge group is looking for more Intermediate Bridge players!  We're very welcoming, and always looking for more players.

    For additional information or you want to play, 

    Contact Miki Field via email or at 847-922-5948. 

    NOTE: You only have to register once for this event.  You will receive a reminder 2 days before each session. 

    • October 05, 2023
    • May 16, 2024
    • 32 sessions
    • Various Homes around the Greater Naples Area

    MCA Low Stakes Poker

    Meets Every Thursday

    As a rule, games will be played at the homes of various participants who volunteer to host. There is a $2 host fee per player for refreshments provided by the host.

    The initial Buy In is $20 (poker chips will be provided).

    House rules follow so that prospective players will have a general idea of what to expect.

    House Rules

    • The Dealer antes $1 for the table;
    • As the game nears its end time each player will start anteing $0.25;
    • Betting: with no pair showing: $0.25, with a pair showing: up to $0.50 with a final bet of up to a $1.00
    • While games played tend to be high/low split games, the dealer can elect to have a high game only;
    • No wild card games; No “numbers” game; dealers choice of game played; three raises per betting round; unless otherwise stipulated must bet or drop; and one raise only if three or fewer players remain;
    • Bets are in order, pursuant to the rules of the game played;
    • If/when a player declares high/low that person MUST win both in order to take the pot - this may in some instances allow someone to "back into" half of the pot; However, if you do declare incorrectly (meant to go high but declared low), than that is how the hand will be viewed;
    • Declaring is done by chips shown in your hand: none is low, one is high and two is high/low;
    • At the end of the evening upon cashing out, there will be a “showdown” hand;
    • Showdown - chips you have under a $1.00 will go into the showdown pot. Additionally, each player adds $1.00. A final 5/7 cards is dealt to each player with the high hand taking the entire pot;
    • Finally, Cells Phones should be on vibrate so that there will be limited interruptions.

    If you have questions, please contract Phil Sherman .

    • November 02, 2023
    • April 04, 2024
    • 6 sessions
    • Nina Iser Center

    MCA Backgammon

    First Thursday of the Month at 1:00 PM

    Come play an enjoyable game of backgammon. This is game is recommended for experienced backgammon players that are comfortable using the doubling cube.

    • November 07, 2023
    • April 09, 2024
    • 11 sessions
    • Iser Center

    Table  Tennis!

    (twice a month)

    Join your MCA friends for a twice-a month gathering for table tennis at the Iser Center. Balls will be provided. Bring your favorite paddle or one will be provided. 

    Contact Colin Lewis or Andy Ichel for more information.


    • November 08, 2023
    • March 13, 2024
    • 3 sessions
    • Nina Iser Center

    Laugh ‘Til You Plotz:

    An Evening of Jewish Jokes
    and Humor

    Come and be entertained by famous Jewish comedians, including you! Bring a couple of your favorite Jewish jokes to share, and enrich your own repertoire in the process.

    Refreshments will be provided. 

    The MC will be retired Rabbi Frank Muller.

    You only have to register once for this event.

    Reminders with an RSVP will be sent one week before each session. 

    • November 15, 2023
    • April 17, 2024
    • 23 sessions
    • The Norris Center - 755 8th Ave S, Naples

    MCA Pool

    Every  Tuesday at 12:00 PM

    Well, ya got trouble, my friend, right here,
    I say, trouble right here in MCA...
    And it begins with T and rhymes with P and stands for pool.

    Join your friendly MCA pool sharks for a friendly game of pool.  Shoot pool and the breeze with the guys, while sharing tales of your ill spent youth? 

    For additional information contact Marty Isserlis.

    • December 06, 2023
    • December 20, 2023
    • 3 sessions
    • Iser Center - Salon A

    Learn Canasta

    Want to learn how to play Naples' favorite card game.

    Now is your chance to learn from a seasoned player:

    Avie Goldstein

    Three dates have now been reserved for your training sessions. Sign up by yourself or with your friends (they have to register separately).

    For additional information contact Avie Goldstein

    • February 06, 2024
    • 4:00 PM
    • Lowdermilk Beach

    Beach Party!

    Bring your friends and family to Lowdermilk Beach to join your fellow MCA'ers for an afternoon (and evening) of food and fun. Bring your own favorite food, beverages, and games.

    Rain date will be the next day

    For more info, email Jeff Morgenstern

    • February 07, 2024
    • 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM
    • The Axe Lodge - 2317 Vanderbilt Beach Rd #704 (Galleria Shopping Center)
    • 24


    Axe Throwing, Pizza, and Beer

    Join your MCA friends for a late afternoon Axe Throwing Adventure

    All the lanes have patent-pending anti-bounce borders, grain targets that allow the axe to stick, projected targets and games and digital scoring! All keeping us safe while we are having fun.

    Never thrown?  Don’t worry: axe-perts will help us learn how to throw. This will be a fun, stress free axe-perience.

     The Axe Lodge has a 12-tap self-service beer wall as well as bottled and canned beer, wine, and soft drinks. We will have pizza delivered.

    $35 will reserve your place, and will cover the cost of the pizza.

    For more info, email Jerry Shier.

    • February 29, 2024
    • 12:00 PM - 4:00 PM
    • The Nina Iser Cultural Center
    • 24

    Men's Canasta Day

    Join the guys for lunch and an afternoon of canasta.

    Beginners welcome!

    Registration fee: $23 per person ($46 for two).

    Register and pay for yourself and a named teammate and the host will assign you  to a table.

    If you have already arranged opponents, you can let us know when you register

      For additional information contact Avie Goldstein.

      • March 20, 2024
      • 4:30 PM - 8:00 PM
      • 9001 Sage Avenue Naples 34120 (Immokalee & Collier)
      • 32

      Mini-Golf and Dinner

      Volcano Mountain Adventure Golf*

      You and a guest can register to join MCA friends for a late afternoon of
      mini-golf-- the newest way to have fun in Naples!

      After a 4:30 shotgun start for 40 players, we will go to a local restaurant for dinner and awards.

      * Located behind the Racetrack gas station on Immokalee, east of Collier.

      Questions? Contact Jeff Morgenstern.

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