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Brazina Documentary Film Series

The Brazina Documentary Film Series brings you a curated (&/or juried) selection of award winning movies, free of charge. Each month, from November through April, MCA and WCA members have
the opportunity to enjoy acclaimed, limited distribution film. 

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    • November 07, 2023
    • 1:30 PM - 3:30 PM
    • Iser Center
    • 178

    Click HERE to view the trailer.

    The vast majority of Latvian and Lithuanian Jews were murdered in the summer and autumn of 1941, following Germany’s invasion of the Soviet Union. 
    Baltic Truth explores the deeply disturbing history of eager participation by Baltic States and many of their all too eager citizens in the mass killings of Jews during the first months of World War II.  The Filmmakers also document how many of the leaders of that “Holocaust by Bullets” -- hands drenched in the blood of Jews -- are now celebrated as national heroes.

    Hosted by award-winning Israeli performer and son of Holocaust survivors Dudu Fisher (Les Miserables), Baltic Truth is the story of one man’s fight to reclaim his birthright, and expose the horrific details of Latvian involvement in the murders of his family and neighbors during the Holocaust. He fears that responsibility is being denied --that society is allowing the truth of history to be swept aside and that justice must have a voice.

    The film runs 90 minutes 

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